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When it comes to working life it isn’t just a question of getting back to normal, whatever that might be now. It’s a question of culture. Specifically, the strength and shape of it and its potential to drive the success of your business in a post Covid era.

So, whether your culture is in relatively good shape now or in need of repair, don’t consider this as a ‘return’ to anything. See it as an opportunity to relaunch your business and reboard everyone to a new culture that’s better and more empowering for everyone.


Businesses with a strong sense of purpose and values have fared well in this recent fight – drawing on them to frame response and guide action. Consider yours – are they in place? Are they shared by everyone in your agency and if so, do they shape the big decisions and keep you focused on what’s important?


Some of your team may be returning from furlough and others, including potential new recruits and contractors, will be entering a new phase where conditions like remote working will be more the default than the exception. So, start as you mean to go on and reboard everyone to a new way of working and collaborating.


With a new era comes new expectations and new standards. Creating a culture of community that encourages people and partners to raise their game, and that of the agency, is key to future success. This demands great leadership and a solid digital support system.

Culture is who you are, what you share and what sets you apart. Whether you’ve survived this period because of it, or you realise there is work still to do – now is the time. Start as you mean to go on, sooner rather than later.



Every business will have different issues in relation to culture, but the approach required will be similar in most cases. The main phases to work through will be:

  1. Frame & Clarify: Review your culture – your purpose, values and behaviours, the rituals, ways of collaborating and working, learning and development, rewards and recognition - against future expectations and standards. Identify gaps and scope for development. Define your objectives and measures of success.

  2. Explore & Prioritise: Explore your options for improving and transforming your culture – leadership, ways of working, communication and engagement, learning and development. Identify potential changes to your current approach and prioritise them in terms of contribution to achieving your objectives.

  3. Plan & Act: Consider the implications of implementing these changes - physical, human and financial. Shape them into an implementation plan with clear stages and measures of progress/success.


We recognise that agencies will have different levels of capability, time and budget to deal with a specific issue. So we’ve designed all our services to give you different ways of drawing on our expertise and experience to help your business thrive.

Insightful Mentoring

We’ll bring all our knowledge and experience - and share it with you throughout the process. You and your team will handle most of the work in line with the programme we’ll agree together. We’ll review and challenge your work and make sure you stay on track to deliver your objectives.

Hands-on Partnering

We’ll not only share all our knowledge and experience, but we’ll use our expertise and ideas to actually deliver specific parts of the programme for you. We’ll take on some of the detailed challenges but will always be close to you and your team. You’ll be confident of the best possible outcomes, efficiently and quickly.


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