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Event: How to succeed in a new world

The future is not what it used to be. And that’s a positive thing. The world has changed significantly, and you will need to change with it. But the pressures are more fundamental than just this crisis. The agency world has been at a tipping point for many years and it’s time to move to a better model - shifting away from just ‘doing’ to genuinely making a difference. Solving significant challenges for clients, attracting and empowering a diversity of top talent, and building a sustainable business that’s valued and valuable.

So, how can you create this positive future for your agency? What are the new standards? What do you need to think about or rethink about when it comes to your approach? And how should you go about making it happen?

Join us at Future Positive ‘Agency success in a new world’ on 16 July at 10am, where we tackle these questions head on, share our perspectives on new expectations, and provide a framework for future success.

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