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Tonic Talks: How to create a culture for growth

Agencies and service businesses need something special to withstand the pressure from an uncertain business environment and intensifying competition. They need openness and agility to inspire a more fluid workforce and to embrace the flexibilities of a changing working environment. Whatever the size of your business and whatever your stage of development the strength of your company culture is just as critical as your business strategy when it comes to surviving and thriving during these times.

During our breakfast session we will discuss how your culture can guide teams, boost your competitive edge and drive sustainable business success. Specifically, it will focus on how leaders can positively impact culture and how engaging your people in the right way can make your business more purposeful, more productive and more profitable in the long-term.

We will be hearing from Tonic founder Ian Farnfield and Liana Dinghile, previously Executive Director at Siegel+Gale, who has over 20 years' experience building great brands, businesses and teams.

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