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Why don’t people know about you?

All businesses would like to improve their visibility and reputation, driving new business and extending their license to operate. Businesses in the creative world are no different. They should understand - you could say more than others - the need for creating positive awareness. So why do creative businesses find it so hard to market themselves and do they understand what really matters anyway?

Many creative businesses still see their marketing as the domain of the in-house PR team or agency, pumping out releases, producing case studies, running events and chasing media coverage. But times have changed. Traditional services, activities and these one-dimensional channels don’t cut it anymore. We’re in a world of digital ubiquity with increased commercial demands and a necessary obsession with ROI.

Profile and reputation are still vitally important, but developing and maximising them now requires a savvy, joined-up, multi-track marketing approach. You need a team (internally or externally) who are leaders in content and social; creating and optimising creative ideas across earned, owned, paid and shared media. Smart people who can work with business leaders, sales and client teams. They must be able to think laterally (no off the shelf solutions), with a strategic approach and deliver distinct results in line with your business objectives. And they should work at the heart of your business, a focal point and linchpin for joining up all activities.

You should take a look at your own organisation. Are you confident that you’ve got a team who understand what’s achievable and are capable of doing it? Are they working hand-in-hand with your new business specialists and are they linked in with other key departments? Are you all clear on the results that are expected and how they will be measured? ? If you don’t have answers to these questions; you wouldn’t be the first. And won’t be the last.

But you also need to ask yourself whether, as leaders, you are investing enough time and staying close. Or whether days, weeks, months and even years are going by with your team or external agencies just ‘doing stuff’ that you are assuming is OK. All inevitably costing a lot of money.

So, choosing the right team or partner is fundamental. And you’ll need to direct more, involve more and expect more - if you want to get more in return. If the only thing you want is a few press headlines, think again, you’re certainly missing out.


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