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We transform creative-minded businesses. With unrivalled expertise, insight and a deft touch.
We’re the ambitious partner to help your organisation thrive.

We believe in those who want to fulfil their potential.

Welcome to the business consultancy for a complex world. Welcome to Tonic.


It isn’t easy to get good help for creative businesses. To get started, to maintain growth, become more commercial or radically change your remit. As a leader, you’ll be asking yourself many questions. Do you have the right expertise to answer these questions or know where to find it?

You do now.

Tonic will guide you and give hands-on help from the most successful creative business specialists. We’re here to help you perform better and get you to that next level. We’re not alien consultants who pretend to be from your world. We care about your journey; the issues, the obstacles and why running a creative-minded venture is simply different.


Who doesn’t want to fulfil their potential? Surely it’s common sense. We provide tailored services to make it happen.

We’ve identified four areas that are critical to the success of any agency or service company. You’re probably not a massive multinational with the luxury of untold resources, so these will be of interest.

Even those messy financial and legal issues aren’t beyond us. No job too big or too small. Tonic will guide your own work, mentor or train your people or we’ll just get the work done for you.

You decide.

Ambition & Leadership

A shared ambition inspires and drives businesses forward as a unit. But all too often these ideas are beaten down by time pressure and other business niggles.

We can establish your goals, engage your team and drive positive action to get you exactly where you want to be.

Profile & Pipeline

Choice. Everyone has it. Especially clients and they’re never afraid to use it. So how do you stay visible and maintain growth?

Work with us and we’ll assess, plan and implement changes that will up your game, sharpen your offering and help you achieve your new business goals.

Talent & Culture

Finding the right people can make or break a business. Employee happiness and company success are inextricably linked. Salaries are increasing, loyalty is diminishing.

We’ll help you build a team of the best talent, make sure they’re motivated, inspired and engaged, building a high performance culture.

Performance & Profitability

It’s a complete myth that a good creative-minded business can’t be commercially successful. Ok, it’s not easy, but with the right nous, higher margins are certainly there for the taking.

We’ll analyse and improve how your business works, where it works and who it works with.


First of all, we’ll get straight to the heart of things and work out exactly what we want to achieve together. We’ll also find out what is possible then define the work required and the costs. You’ll meet our chosen specialists and we’ll simply get on with it. It’s not rocket science.

We’re straightforward and easy to work with. There are no grand theories or predetermined work models. No unnecessary formalities or distractions. Just a pragmatic focus on working rapidly and delivering results everyone will be proud of.


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Even if we do say so ourselves, we’ve got some pretty smart people working with us. And they’re waiting to share their knowledge with you and your business.

We’ve worked in some of the best creative companies in the world and we know what it takes to sustain a healthy business in this field. Getting stuck in and making a difference is our remit. We work easily with others and fit into any team perfectly. Simple as.

Meet the partners

Ian Farnfield

Ian Farnfield

As CEO, Ian has grown two major international agencies from small national businesses. He’s also driven the success of more than a dozen start-ups and worked for one of the world’s largest business consultancies. His input has brought clarity, inspiration and financial prosperity to countless creative companies and individuals around the world.

Teresa Brinkley

Teresa Brinkley

An experienced executive, Teresa has driven change and effectiveness for many different creative companies as Operations Director, Commercial Director and COO.

A successful advisor on commercial performance, few people know more about shaping effective processes, developing the perfect working environment or managing high performance talent.

Kerry O’Connor

Kerry O’Connor

Kerry is a true specialist, she can add to the marketing and growth of any creative organisation. With an astute understanding of audience, content and channel, she’s been behind many business successes. Strategy, engaging leaders, managing teams and delivering campaigns for global agencies and product based companies - nothing has daunted her positive spirit.

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Have you got a great track record in delivering success for creative businesses?

Do you have sharp insight about management, operations, business development, marketing or talent? If so, then we’d like to talk to you.


If you think you may have a gap we can fill, just give us a call or drop us an email. We’ll show you a fresh perspective, challenge your thinking and do some great work together.

This is just the start of the conversation.