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We’ve got many great people working with us who will add something smart and lasting to your business.

We’ve worked in some of the best agencies and consultancies in the world and we know what it takes to sustain a healthy business in this field. Getting stuck in and making a difference is our remit. We work easily with others and fit into any team perfectly.

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Meet the partners.

Kerry O’Connor

Kerry O’Connor

Kerry is a true specialist, she can add to the marketing and growth of any creative organisation. With an astute understanding of audience, content and channel, she’s been behind many business successes. Strategy, engaging leaders, managing teams and delivering campaigns for global agencies and product based companies - nothing has daunted her positive spirit.

Ian Farnfield

Ian Farnfield

As a CEO, Ian has grown two major international agencies from small national businesses. He’s also driven the success of more than a dozen start-ups and worked for one of the world’s largest business consultancies. His input has brought clarity, inspiration and financial prosperity to countless creative companies and individuals around the world.

Liana Dinghile

Liana Dinghile

As leader, manager and consultant Liana has built strong businesses and positive work cultures in some of the most successful organisations. Her empathy for leaders and their challenges always creates clarity and delivers results. She brings simplicity to every challenge and is as comfortable with a blank sheet of paper as she is with a complex strategic puzzle.

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