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Event: How to win and develop clients in a changing world

However successful you’ve been in the past, you don’t have an automatic right to thrive in the future. The world has changed significantly and you will need to change with it. Even before Covid-19, many clients were seeing agencies stagnate and feeling the weakening in relationships and value. During the crisis clients have seen new ideas, found better ways of getting things done and redefined the standards they expect from agencies in the future.

So, how should you respond to these changing needs and expectations? What are the new standards you’ll need to achieve? What do you need to think about or rethink when it comes to winning and developing clients? And how should you go about making it happen?

Join us at Future Positive ‘how to win and develop clients in a changing world’ on 18 August at 11am as we tackle these questions head on, share our knowledge and client experiences, and provide a practical framework for your future growth.

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