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Event: Winning in the new era – a practical guide for agencies

Being a winning agency in the future will take more than a tweak to what came before. It will require a radical shift in how to do business and how to manage the relationships that will make or break success.

Are you committed to the right clients? Do you have the right talent, and are people clear what you expect from them now? Are you confident in the value of your business and how can you create more?

Join us at Future Positive ‘Winning in the new era – a practical guide for agencies’ on 6 October at 11am as we tackle these questions and help you understand the fundamental shifts required, identify the critical areas for change in your agency and provide insightful, practical advice on how to create a better business for the future.

This event is based around Future Positive, Tonic’s major new piece of work providing essential insight and guidance for all agency founders and leaders looking to emerge stronger and lead the way in a new era of business. It draws together our frontline client experience, extensive research into changing expectations and a range of perspectives from an industry seeking positive change.

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